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grateful for everything

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Learning, Living, and Loving the Great Game of Life

We’ve all felt grateful for something in our lives. But what about feeling in some way grateful for everything that happens to us—whether good, bad, tragically unexpected or carefully planned?

That’s the premise of Skip Johnson’s insightful guide, Grateful for Everything: Learning, Living, and Loving the Great Game of Life. Johnson’s book opens readers’ eyes to the possibility of finding peace, harmony and fulfillment through the simple, yet challenging, task of being thankful for
everything in our lives.

“This book is not a way to learn to be ‘happy’ about whatever happens in your life,” Johnson explains. “What we will explore is how to take the hand that we have been dealt, develop steps to become grateful for the lessons to be learned, and then begin to weave it all into a mosaic of life that resembles more of a great game to play, instead of a mire to be trudged through on a daily basis.”

Anyone wanting to live a more powerful life not easily dominated by disappointment, frustration and fear—and live instead as an authentic presence—will benefit from Grateful for Everything: Learning, Living, and Loving the Great Game of Life.


Skip Johnson, Author of Grateful for Everything: Learning, Living, and Loving the Great Game of Life.

Skip Johnson is a Master Tennis Professional, a designation which less than 1% of 16,000 USPTA tennis pros in the world have earned. Johnson is also the VP of Operations for Gold’s Gyms of West Georgia, a small chain of world championship, award-winning health clubs.

For this successful professional, Grateful for Everything is the culmination of a lifetime of studying teachers, philosophers, achievers and self-help experts. What Skip Johnson has found is that we all struggle with the same tendencies: to see life as a battle or something to simply “get through.”

From his experiences, reading, coaching and teaching, he has learned what people think about and focus on, as well as the burdens that each of us carries. Using his athletic background, world travels, studies and life experiences, Johnson has developed a lighter, more playful, and more trusting approach to everyday life—more of a great game mentality—and he shares it in his book. Through practical and poignant stories, and enriching, empowering concepts, the author is confident that as people connect with this material they will see life as more of a game rather than daily drudgery.


“Life is either a great game and an adventure, or it is a daily battle and a grind.”
“Being grateful for everything takes life to a new level, so that it now becomes more of a great game, rather than a painful ongoing saga.”
“People are engaged and effective when they know that they and their work are valued.”
“Choosing to cross the line away from envy, resentment, anger, bitterness, and anxiety, and to move to thankfulness, is truly the beginning – the beginning of an authentic, empowered, and expanded life.”
“Humanness happens to both the giver and the receiver with the smallest gesture of love, kindness, and gratitude. A sincere, well-worded ‘Thank You’ has no equal. To be grateful, and to express this gratitude, simply rocks the house for us all.”
“You will find that challenges become useful parts of the competition and that difficult people are simply opponents presented to help you play your best.”


“We were fortunate to have Skip Johnson speak at our school. His talk, entitled ‘Can a tennis match in India change your life?’ is not only motivating and inspiring, but is a message that touches every kid – from the athlete to the academic and all in between. He speaks of two players battling on a remote court overseas; his point is what the winning player had to possess in order to overcome adversity. Obviously, overcoming adversity and day-to-day challenges are something we all deal with. Skip’s 20 minute speech gave a good blueprint on successful ways to go about it.”

Terry Kelly
12th Grade Dean
Director of Student Activities and Community Service
Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School
Atlanta, GA

“Skip is an engaging storyteller, enlightening teacher, and dynamic speaker.”

Les Hudson
Owner, Hudson Recreation Center, Inc.

“Skip provided an uplifting presentation regarding his approach to “Choices” in the tennis industry. Skip captured the audience by referencing some defining moments in the sports history, as well as numerous personal stories. I came away with several notes regarding my own “Choices”, as well as personal coaching approach with tennis. All in all, the presentation was very insightful, and I look forward to seeing Skip speak again in the future.”

Grayson Blanchette
Tennis Professional
Atlanta, GA


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grateful for everything