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Four “crazy” but effective rules for a happier life

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“What’s Happening” in Georgia Tennis! by Les Hudson Owner, Home Court Advantage

Friend and fellow teaching pro, Skip Johnson, has written an important book published two months ago by BOOKLOGIX. Perhaps you heard Skip’s presentation at this past summer’s GPTA Lunch & Learn? Many in attendance asked that they be notified once Skip’s new book was complete, so here you go. I … [Read More...]

Local Author has New Book Released on Amazon

The book, entitled Grateful for Everything, teaches skills for overcoming obstacles by gracefully-- and gratefully-- transforming them into powerful lessons for a richer, more fulfilled life. Skip Johnson, vice president of operations for Gold's Gyms of Douglasville, has just had his first book … [Read More...]


This was a wonderful book- easy read once I started reading the first chapter I couldn't put the book down until the last page. My first job I have the privilege of working for Skip- even then he lived by principles of this book. This book reminded me that in all aspects of life to be grateful.
Of course, if you start to read this book then you are truly interested in finding ways to be grateful for everything. However, I didn't expect to be provided concrete ways to "put it all together." This truly takes it from just the concept of being grateful to an actual step by step plan. Once you read it, everything becomes a trigger to refer back to. You are going to have negative feelings or thoughts, but now you can recognize them and turn it around. Past experiences can be reviewed and seen in a different light!! This book was well researched and documented and allows for further study in this concept, but also well written as if he is speaking directly
Susan Duncan
This is one of those books you won't put down when you start. It is a great way to change ones perspective on life and make them be truly grateful for everything and more appreciative in life. This book is one you will want to share with friends, family and neighbors!
As a lover of life lessons, and a "big picture" kind of guy who feels like he gets it, I've got to say that this book really hits it's mark! Of course you can't do it, but it is the kind of message that makes you want to buy a bunch of copies and give them to the people in your life who you care about, who really struggle with this basic but powerful concept. I did already buy another copy for a friend who I knew would appreciate it, and I'm planning on providing my own children with a powerful enough incentive that they will hopefully choose to read it as well. Life would sure be a lot happier if we all could learn this perspective early on in life! At any rate, Skip Johnson has motivated me to step up the "gratefulness" factor to a new level...and I'm looking forward to the game!
D. Vonk
I am one who has always verbalized the power of positive thinking (Especially with my girls). It’s not often you find a book that really tunes you into everyday decision that can make your outlook that much better by being thankful and positive (Choosing to be thankful and Positive). It is a short read that you can pick up as need to be refueled during you journey and to pass to others as a simple and thoughtful gift. I truly enjoyed the book which my wife gave to me for Christmas….
Susan Dieckmann